A Taste of Egypt

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Join us for an adventure to ancient and modern Egypt! Arrive in Cairo and explore the pyramids - including the Great Pyramid - and Sphinx of Giza. See the Ramses II statue in Memphis and King Tutankhamun’s tomb in Cairo’s Egyptian Museum*. In Old Cairo, see the Church of the Virgin Mary (also called the Hanging Church), built in the place where Mary and Jesus were said to find refuge during their flight to Egypt, and visit the Alabaster Mosque. These and more exciting discoveries are to be found as you see Egypt’s incredible monuments to pharaohs and gods of Egyptian history.

Fly to Luxor to embark on your Nile River cruise. You’ll visit the Luxor Temple, Avenue of the Sphinxes, Karnak Temple and the Temple of Amun-Ra before enjoying an onboard welcome reception on your ship. Visit the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens, where the pristine tomb of King Tutankhamun was found with undisturbed riches and splendour. This incredible cruise on the Nile River takes you to amazing ancient sites, including the twin temples at Kom Ombo, devoted to the crocodile god Sobek-Ra and the falcon god Horus. Ponder the magnitude of the task of building the pyramids with a visit to the granite quarries—where an unfinished obelisk still remains. Visit the Temple of Isis, then take a return flight to Cairo to browse the bustling maze of Khan el Khalili bazaar in the medieval alleys of the Old Town. Join us on this once-in-a-lifetime holiday to Egypt.

Prices start from £2,732 excluding flights and transfers. Flight-inclusive packages are available from most UK airports. This cruise is only available to book by phone, so call us on 0330 058 8243 for more information and prices.

*Please note that upon its opening in 2020, the Grand Egyptian Museum in Giza will replace Cairo’s Egyptian Museum for this itinerary.

Cruise at a Glance

  • Day 1 Cairo, Egypt
    • Welcome to Egypt!
  • Day 2 Cairo
    • Guided sightseeing, visit the pyramids (including the Great Pyramid) and Sphinx of Giza, Ramses II, and Alabaster Sphinx in Memphis, and the “Stairway to the Sky” at Sakkara. Sounds & Light Show at the pyramids.
  • Day 3 Cairo
    • Visit Tutankhamun’s Tomb in the Egyptian Museum; see Saladin’s citadel and visit the Alabaster Mosque in Old Cairo; see the Hanging Church and Cairo’s oldest synagogue in Coptic Cairo; visit the Khan el-Kahlili souk.
  • Day 4 Cairo–Luxor (Embarkation)
    • Fly to Luxor; visit Luxor Temple, the Avenue of Sphinxes, Karnak Temple and the Temple of Amun-Ra; onboard welcome reception.
  • Day 5 Luxor–Edfu
    • Valley of Kings, Valley of Queens, Deir El-Bahri, and the Colossi of Memnon; galabya party on board.
  • Day 6 Edfu–Kom Ombo–Aswan
    • Visit the Temple of Horus; visit the twin temples at Kom Ombo; lecture on board.
  • Day 7 Aswan
    • Sail by felucca to Kitchener Island; visit the Botanical Gardens.
  • Day 8 Aswan (Disembarkation) – Cairo
    • Excursion to the High Dam; cruise to Agilika; visit Temple of Isis and ancient granite quarries; fly to Cairo.
  • Day 9 Cairo
    • Special tour of Cairo, followed by a walk in the maze of shops at the Khan el-Khalili bazaar.
  • Day 10 Cairo
    • Your holiday ends this morning.