Welcome to Avalon

A river cruise is a fantastic way to explore Europe's most beautiful towns, villages and landmarks. It's the fact that you can see the world your way, in relaxed luxury. Of course, everyone's idea of luxury is different; it could be enjoying the finer things in life, or simply having things just the way you like them. Avalon Waterways brings you five-star service, spacious accommodation and top-quality food. Everything is included – from local excursions right down to the gratuities.


At Avalon Waterways, we navigate both with elegance and ease to deliver a 'just right' holiday experience - one that makes you feel right at home, in control of how you spend your time on board and ashore, whilst having every need taken care of with unobtrusive care. You can decide to join an included excursion, plump for an optional guided visit, or explore on your own - that's the beauty of an Avalon river cruise.

Your own open-air balcony

Forget small and poky cabins. Avalon's elegant staterooms are 30% larger than the average on Europe's rivers, and come complete with full-sized bathrooms. Over 80% of staterooms on our Suite Ships are 200-square foot Panorama Suites. Throw back the curtains and you'll see why we have the best views too, with wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling windows that open wider than any other in the industry. A comfortable and spacious seating area for six, not to mention the fact that your bed faces the view in most cases, will make it hard to tear yourself away.

Explore our spacious staterooms

Local excursions are included

The beauty of an Avalon river cruise is that you're in control of how you spend your days ashore. We include local excursions in every port of call, and you can also choose from a selection of optional ones. Or, if you prefer, you can explore on your own with the help of our Cruise Directors' local knowledge. The choice is yours!

What to do ashore

Worldwide rivers

Beyond the grand waterways of Europe, Avalon cruises journey down the ancient tributaries of Southeast Asia for epic sights and lazy days along shady riverbanks. Weave past the sun-drenched plains of Myanmar on the Irrawaddy to explore this “Golden Land” of crumbling jungle temples and fishing villages; cruise Vietnam’s network of waterways and shimmering rice paddies in the Mekong Delta.