The Moselle River

Flowing through France, Luxembourg and Germany the Moselle River is the serene little sister of the Rhine. On an Avalon Moselle river cruise you can meander alongside quaint villages, picturesque vineyards and historic medieval castles. This 340-mile waterway rises in the dramatic Vosges Mountains of north-eastern France before curving gracefully into Luxembourg. En route it twists through some of Germany’s prettiest wine country and finally joins the Rhine at Koblenz. Winding between steeply contoured slopes, the Moselle River valley provides the perfect conditions for wine-cultivation. High, south-facing hills and slate soils ensure that young vines capture the most nutrients from the sun. The resulting fruits – crisp, floral Riesling, Elbling and Müller-Thurgau varieties amongst them - are admired the world over. The vine-clad vistas provide a truly restful backdrop to a river cruise through France, Luxembourg and Germany.

Highlights of our Moselle river cruises

  • Trier
    • Situated in a scenic, vine-clad valley, Germany’s oldest settlement is UNESCO-protected and boasts intriguing Roman antiquities, including its fortified Porta Nigra gate and a fine bathhouse.
  • Bernkastel
    • Timber-framed buildings crowd around a cobbled marketplace. Many cruises offer wine-tastings here, so you can sample the region’s much-loved Bernkastel Doktor variety in particular.
  • Cochem
    • The hilltop Reichsburg Castle signals the approach to the town, comprising a jumble of cobblestoned streets and half-timbered townhouses.
  • Koblenz
    • This 2,000-year-old spot mixes charming paved squares with flower markets and medieval churches, all perfect for relaxed exploring

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